Idaho Horse Expo’s Private Horse Sale 2016


APRIL  15,16 &17,2016


“The solution to the frustrating procedure of buying or selling a horse.”

Consider the idea of buying a car, home or any major appliance, only through an auction. You have little idea of the history of the item and you have only 2 to 3 minutes to make up your mind Certainly, not an ideal situation, but many of us purchase horses in that very manner, only to get the horse home and find it is not suitable for our intended purpose.

Although the logical alternative to finding horses is to buy directly from the owner by going through publications, scheduling appointments (and finding that the horse is not what was represented); this can be time consuming and frustrating. If only there was an “equine department store” or a “car lot for horses” where you could go and try out prospects and talk to the owners! The Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale offers this sensible solution to both sellers and purchasers alike.

Years ago farmers, ranchers and cowboys brought horses to town once a year (usually at the county fair) to offer them for sale through “private treaty”. They would pay a small fee for use of a corral and spend a few days “showing their horses” and making deals. Prospective buyers would come, try out and leisurely observe the horses and make offers for purchase or trade. In most instances both parties went away with the satisfaction that the best deal was made for the most suitable horse. Nowadays, called a win-win situation.

This concept has re-emerged on a limited basis here in the west and in our area. The Idaho Horse Council has, for the last several years, offered both sellers and buyers this opportunity through the Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale held annually at the Idaho Horse Expo. We limit the number of horses we can take to 60, operating on a first-come first-serve basis. This limited number of horses of all ages, breeds, training levels and prices offers prospective buyers a virtual smorgasbord of animals to choose from! The sellers pay a one time fee of $100.00 with absolutely no commission no matter what the horse sells for. They may sell their horse during the Expo, or at a later date, or they may make a trade. Sellers have the opportunity to ride, show and offer their horses to thousands of potential customers during the three days. Buyers find this appealing as they have the opportunity to look over, try out and most importantly visit with the sellers of the horses, and being able to take a little time to make this important decision.

It is true that not all horses sell during the three days of the Expo. However, many sellers report that not only did they sell the horse later as a result of the exposure; they also made important and lasting contacts with potential buyers on an ongoing basis.

So, if you have a horse that you would like to expose to thousands of potential buyers, and don’t want to take the chance of what you might receive at an auction, don’t want to pay high commission fees and want to “make your own deal”, consider the wave of the future in horse sales and consign at the 2015 Idaho Horse Council’s “Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale”.

If you are in the market for a horse, would like to take your time, look at many horses in one place, try out a potentially new horse for you, and meet and talk to the owners at your leisure…this is the place for you!

Call Donna Kelleher at 208-989-0882 or Idaho Horse Council at 208-465-5477



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