The All Breed Challenge at the Idaho Horse Expo 2017

The All Breed Challenge at the Idaho Horse Expo 2017
Do you have an Equine Breed that you would like to showcase at the Idaho Expo?
Show off your Breeds conformations, gaits, talents and uniqueness of an individual breed or discipline. Your presentation may showcase the breed in hand, under saddle, in harness, or the best way to show off the breed of your passion.
The Breed challenge will be a judged competition, with obstacle course, and new maneuvers
Come and see gaited horses, dressage horses and western horses go head to head in this fun and challenging competition.
Each year the level of Horse and Horsemanship raises another level.
Featured will be at least 10 different breeds of Equine athletes to include Warmblood, Arabian, Andalusian, Quarter, Peruvian Paso, Gaited, Mustang, Blazer, and of course our Idaho State horse, the Appaloosa.
They will all be asked to execute basic maneuvers to demonstrate fluidity and ease of movement. In addition each will be given time to freestyle their breed characteristics that best demonstrate and represents the breed.
This year the top four horse and riders will return on Sunday afternoon to compete for the prize money.
We invite all to come witness and support your favorite breed of horse and enjoy the evenings fun filled extravaganza.
If you would like to be involved and have an equine breed you would like to show off
please contact Myron Amsden 208-571-1878.

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