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Application Guidelines – Idaho Equine Youth Fund

Application – Idaho Equine Youth Fund

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Request Guidelines-Idaho Equine Youth Fund(1)


Please follow these instructions when filing your application.

  1. When you download and use the printable PDF form, from the Idaho Horse Council website, please fill out your application and send it to the following address:


Idaho Horse Council

Idaho Equine Youth Fund

6114 Idaho Center Blvd. #5

Nampa, Idaho  83687


  1. If you are using the funds request to make improvements on county or state grounds, please include a letter approving your project from the governing body controlling the grounds.


  1. It is MANDATORY that you submit a detailed budget of your project with your funds request. Please list a priority of expenditures in columnar format for easy review. The Board makes every effort to stretch the funds as far as possible to as many qualified requests as possible.  To achieve this goal, we have often granted the highest priority listed on the funds request application.


  1. Your request application must be postmarked or emailed by 12:00 midnight of October 31st in order to be reviewed by the Board.


  1. Applications for request of funds are considered in November on the day before the Annual IHC Meeting and will be awarded by January 1st.


  1. If you are selected to receive funds but your project is not completed by December 1st of the calendar year in which the grant was approved, the Board may request unused funds be returned to the Board.


  1. A report must be submitted to the Board by November 1st of the same year funds are granted detailing how the awarded funds were spent. Please use the form provided – After Action Review Form.

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