Proposition 1

Dear Fellow Horsemen,
This fall, Idaho voters across the state will have an opportunity to revive our horse
racing industry and solve a public policy question that the Legislature has been unable
to settle. Proposition 1 would also create hundreds of jobs statewide, boost the
economy, generate millions of dollars for public schools, and provide funding for 4-H
and youth programs.
Proposition 1 provides these benefits through the limited and regulated reauthorization
of Historical Horse Racing terminals, which for a short period in 2014-15 helped keep
our state’s horse racing traditions strong and vibrant. The initiative clearly limits HHR
operation to race tracks that host at least 8 race days per year and approved simulcast
We ask that you formally endorse Proposition 1 and help work for its passage. Thank
you for your consideration and we’re happy to provide any other details of the campaign
to Save Idaho Horse Racing. Should you agree to formally endorse Proposition 1
please notify
Connie Blayney

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