Horse Census

In 1988 the Idaho Horse Council commissioned the University of Idaho to conduct and publish a horse census and economic impact statement. The I.H.C. has made a commitment to update the equine census every five years.

2015 Survey

A 2015 study to determine the size of the equine industry in Idaho was conducted by the Social Science Research Unit at the University of Idaho and funded by the Idaho Horse Council and the Idaho Horse Board.

Idaho Equine Facts 2015

Equine in Idaho Census Report

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  • Idaho has an estimated 221,000 equine, including riding horses, draft horses, ponies, miniature horses, donkey, mules, wild horses and other equine.
  • Equine owners paid over $48 million in salaries to full and part time workers for the care and training of their equine.
  • Equine owners had a total of $1.4 billion in assets related to their equine, including the value of the equine, barns, and equipment.
  • Over 4 million acres in Idaho are devoted to the use and care of equine.
  • On average, households with equine owned five equine.
  • The Idaho Horse Expo is held each April at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, ID. The Horse Expo promotes the horse industry and western lifestyle, and is a great attraction for horse enthusiasts and the general public alike.
  • The state horse of Idaho, the Appaloosa, is derived from horses bred by the Nez Perce tribe in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. The breed was revitalized in the 1930s and the Appaloosa Horse Club has registered over 635,000 horses


Horse Census Breed chart