College Scholarships – Due Date is 02/25/2017

Final IHC Scholarship 2017-Due 2 25 17


High School and College Students

The Idaho Horse Council, a non-profit association, is composed of organizations across the state involved in the equine industry.  In 1999, the council’s Board of Directors voted to fund up to three scholarships in the amount of $1,000.00 each. Scholarships are being offered for 2016, for graduates of Idaho High Schools.  The IHC reserves the right to vary the number of scholarships awarded based on the entries as scored by the judges, and funds available. In 2013 the Idaho Horse Council raised the amount to $1,500.00.

  1. Applicants must be legal residents of the State of Idaho.
     2. Applicants for the year 2016 must graduate or have graduated including
         current college students from an accredited Idaho High School

3. Applications must be completely filled out and signed by the applicant.  A  picture of the applicant must accompany the application.  Pictures and applications become the property of the Idaho Horse Council and will not be returned.

4.  No youth that is a member of the immediate family of an officer, member of the Board of Directors, or employee of the Idaho Horse Council will be eligible.

 5. It is to each applicant’s advantage to submit a complete, neat, and informative
     application because of the competition and degree of acquired skills of applicants.   Copies of email correspondence are not acceptable.
     (Additional sheets may be attached)

6. Additional application forms may be obtained by contacting the Idaho Horse Council, 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. #5, Nampa, Idaho 83687 (phone 208-465-5477 or Fax 208-465-5480).  Scholarships may be downloaded from the IHC website, go to Scholarships.

2016 Scholarships Awarded

Molly Marie Roberts Midvale

Josie Thurman  Caldwell

Kristin Nesbitt  Eagle


2015 Scholarships Awarded

Natalie Martin    Emmett

Fallon Horrocks   Winchester

Tyson Mickelson  Rigby


2014 Scholarships Awarded

 Garrett Brogan, Montpelier

Isabella Marie Stoakes, Pocatello

Samantha Gunderson, Emmett


2013- Awards

Melissa Goetz            Meridian

Madeline Taylor        Pocatello

Joshia B. Jensen        Grace