Blue Ribbon Horse Sale List 2014

 2014 Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale

2 yr. Section B Welsh Pony Chestnut Filly $3,000.(1)

Mercedes is a beautiful, show quality filly  with a “look at me ” attitude, beautiful movement and the top breeding in the U.S. combined with top bloodlines from Wales and Great Britain . A great show and broodmare prospect.

1 yr.  Section B Welsh Chestnut  Filly $ 2,500. (2)

American Idol is a show quality Filly with perfect Welsh type. Top breeding in the U.S. and Wales.Bred for perfection, , beautiful movement and faultless conformation . This is friendly, well mannered filly.

6 yr. APHA Grade Bay Tob. Gelding $2,500. (3)

Chrome is a very gentle  young gelding, would be a good trail horse, could also be a good ranch gelding. He would be good at all aspects of ranch life.

6 yr. APHA Grade Sorrel . Gelding $3,500. (4)

Skipper is a kind, gentle gelding that would be a great trained horse for almost anyone. He could go a lot of different directions, reining, sorting, penning, roping, his mind is easy going.

9 yr. APHA Grade Bay Tob. Gelding $4,500. (5)

Sleepy is really coming into his own, would be a nice trail horse. He waits by the gate to be rode, nice minded, has great manners, would be a very good addition to your collection.

9 yr. Paint Black Tobiano Gelding $3,500. (6)


13 yr. Mule, Buckskin/Dun gelding $4.500. (7)

16 hand, gentle well trained mule with lots of experience in the mountains.  Packs, rides,good with feet.  Loads, clips, ties.

7 yr. AQHA Chestnut Gelding $7,000. (8)

Leo is an awesome horse.  Had a year of reining training in earlier years.  Has some roping training and has chased cows out of the box. Recently introduced to working the flag and cutting.  Has moved cattle and anyone can ride.  He is a cribber. Current vaccinations.

1 yr APHA Chestnut Mare $1,000.  (9)

Ruby is a lovely girl. Sweet as they come. Built thick.  She will tie, leads and can touch all over. Good with feet and farrier.  Loads in trailer. She is smart, has a great mind and is going to make a wonderful horse. Current of vaccinations.

3 yr APHA Palomino Gelding $3,500.  (10)

Sonny is a sweet boy.  Very gentle and not spooky and is green broke.  He has about 20 rides.  He needs a good home and an experienced rider only. Current of vaccinations.

6 yr AQHA Bay Gelding $2,000.  (11)

Peanuts is a Dual Pep grandson.  He is very cowy.  Got a late start.  He is very green and must have an experienced rider.  Can by shy but once he gets to know you, he won’t leave you alone.

7 yr APHA Chestnut Overo Mare $3,200.  (12)

Roxi is a great all-around mare.  Comes from a line of world champions, point & money earners.  Lots of trail, mountain, arena and bareback rides.  Shown is small shows and ranch/trail competitions.  Ranch work, money earner in team sorting and carried flag for rodeo.

8 yr AQHA Bay Gelding $6,500.  (13)

Sleven is a nice, big, gentle gelding that’s in his prime.  He has been used on the ranch, sorting, branding and doctoring.  He has been roped on heading and healing.  He should fit nicely just  about anywhere.

10 yr Pony Bay Gelding $2,500.  (14)

This gentle pony has done lots of ranch work and has been used in a feedlot.  We have branded calves on him, team roped both heading and healing.  He has a big heart and lots of go for a little guy.

3 yr  APHA Chestnut Mare $3,500.   (15) 

Kelli is stocky solid bred paint by Sonnys Biltriteman APHA Champion.She had 30 days Professional training ,loping circles, wanting to stop correctly, a turn around .She is quiet & gentle dark chestnut 4 stocking legs.

2 yr APHA Chestnut Gelding  $4,500. (16)

Here’s your next all around show or using ranch gelding . He is big kind and beautiful and ready to start. By APHA champion Sonny’s Biltriteman and out of best mare solid silent . Stop and check him out you’ll love him.

1yr AQHA Brown Filly $1,000. (17)

Moolah Fudge is a balanced and correct filly with a super disposition.  Her pedigree contains mainly great speed horses such as Dash for Cash, Moon Lark, Sun Frost and Leo. She is sure to make someone a gentle but speedy prospect.

1 yr AQHA Gray Filly $1,000. (18)

Dillons Rose’s pedigree traces back to many great horses including Sun Frost, Docs Oak, Sugar Bars, Easy Jet and Grey Badger.  She is a really nice filly that is definitely bred for the ranch or rodeo arena

12 yr Blazer Black Filly $6,000.  (19)

Ace can and will do anything you ask of her.  Been in the hills, gives lessons, rides english or western works well in the arena.  Sound, easy keeper.  Will be in Cowboy Race and Breed Challenge.  Sire is Blaze’s Asset, dam is Blaze’s Cricket.

3 Yr Blazer Bay Gelding $2,500,  (20)

He is very kind and easy youngster.  Would make a great family horse.  Suitable for beginning rider.  6 months training by Loren Price.  Ready to go.  Sound.  Sire is Kentucky Blaze dam is Heart of Dixie.

4 Yr Blazer Sorrel Gelding $3,000.  (21)

Trained by Loren Price.  Very kind and easy to handle.  Great energy level for intermediate rider.  Could develop as a reiner.  Rides outside well. Sound, no issues.  Sire is Blaze’s Asset, dam is Rockette Mcgee.

3 Yr Blazer Palomino Mare $2,500.  (22)

Beautiful stride. Basic start by trainer Loren Price.  Would make a nice english horse.  Would be great on trails.  Sound. Sisre is Sleepy Streak dam is Rimini Daly (Morgan).

5 Yr Blazer Dun Gelding $5,000.  (23)

Very flashy with great presence, great mind.  Willing to please.  Trained by Lorin Price.  Sire is Casey’s Cowboy and dam is Rimini Daly (Morgan)

2 Yr Blazer Dun Gelding $2,500. (24)

Out of Chiquita Rose and sired by Casey’s Cowboy.  Highly intelligent, willing horse.  He’s fearless and has a natural “cow sense”.  He would make an excellent cutting prospect.  Been handled daily from birth and ready to start.

5 Yr APHA B/W Tobiano Mare $6,500. (25)

Over six months pro training.  Awesome on the trail too.  Just finished a month of tuneup with Shannon Allison.  She could show but would need more reining training.  Watch for her in the Breed Challenge Friday 8 PM representing the Paint Breed. Last of the Skip Y Two K off-spring.  Great pedigree.

1 Yr APHA Bay/W Tobiano Filly $1,800. (26)

If a fancy yearling filly is in your future, don’t forget to check out this one.  50/50 tobi color.  Homozygous.  Beautiful mover and pretty all around.

4 YR AQHA Palomino Mare $3,500. (27)

Broke mare , used to gather cows, and turn back. Moves off legs, nice stops , started on turn around, head changes, and departure. Quiet on trail , 15.2 Hands

5 YR AQHA Bay Roan Mare $2,500. (28)

A well built roan mare bred to watch a cow,. Kept her busy riding pens in feed lot recently. She could be good on the trail, on the ranch or in the arena. This girl     has the talent to do about anything and would be athletic enough to be competitive.

4 YR AQHA Sorrel Gelding $2,750. (29)

This young gelding has a number of good performance horses in his pedigree. We’ve ridden many of his siblings and sold a full sister int eh  sale last year. Spent time calving and knows what a rope is. Food foundation and a lot of heart .. Give him a job.

4 YR AQHA Sorrel Gelding $2,750. (30)

Nice made gelding with a lot of potential, gentle, supple and wanting to please.Soft in the mouth and moves off your leg. Track cattle, swing a rope, and work a gete or just line out down the trail. Has ability to go any direction.

5 YR AQHA  Bay Mare $2,500. (31)

Kind, well bred mare with good feet and legs, standing about 15 H . Been used lately calving cows in Grand View . Working gates,tagging, doctoring, sorting pairs and good to load and haul. Handy on the ranch and talent enough for the a arena.

5 YR AQHA Bay Mare $2500. (32)

This little  mare is bred to perform. Using her older for tie-down roping at the pro-level down south . Been used in the Grand View feed lot this past winter gaining experience sorting, roping,etc. Super break-away prospect or whatever you choose.

5 YR AQHA Buckskin  Mare $5,500 (33)

This mare was started when she was 2 years  and had lots of riding . Sire is Shady Lil Starlight,  Dam shes Tuckered out , been roped on, worked cattle , Ready to go in lots of events.

3 yr AQHA Buckskin Filly $3,500. (34)

Indy is a very nice filly with a great mind.  She will do just about anything you ask .  Lunges nice and green broke.  She is hobbie horse broke and is a very smooth ride.

5 yr AQHA Palomino Mare $2,500. (35)

Gentle “Pocket Pony” type horse has moved cows and been on mountain trails, good in arena, sweet mare that would make a great 4-H horse

5 yr mare  AQHA  Red Dun Mare $2,500. (36)

Cute little mare, she’s a grand-daughter of Special Effort. Excellent Jr. Rodeo Prospect has been atterned as well as been used on the ranch, eager,smart, and ready to make you a great horse.

15 yr  Mare AQHA Bay $1,500. (37)

Nice Big Mare, was used as a Brood Mare excellent momma, she has a good mind and will trot all day for you, doesn’t spook! Ridden to check cows and she would be great trail horse , rides alone great anbd is good with other horses.

7 yr AQHA Red Dun Mare $2,5001. (38)

Been there done that, nice broke mare , have used to gather and sort. She has been worked on the feed lot and packed in Elk Camp, moves out nicely and will watch a cow.

5 yr APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding $3000,. (39)

This 5 year old gelding is  going well , 6 months  of professional training training and 2 years of riding under his belt , gentle & kind. His  sire was super pleasure horse DSMIBA Fancy Zippo. Hes been up the trail and around the ring.

5 yr APHA Bay Tovero Mare $1,700. (40)

This lovely young mare has a gentle and easy going manner, She is easy to work with and  has her basics down. She is well started and could go most any direction.  Both sides of her pedigree have world Champions papers.

14 yr APHA Black&White Mare $6,000. (41)

Big and beautiful this paint mare is gentle and kind.  Both parents were World Champions.  Great on trails or in the ring.  She packs children and beginner spouses.  Don’t pass her up.

6 yr APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding $4.500. (42)

Absolutely gorgeous paint gelding.  He is well broke.  Has been roped off of.  Make a great rope or shooting horse.  Would Champions pedigree he could take you to the horse shows or down the road.

9 yr APHA Bay/White Gelding $6,000. (43)

This flashy, good looking gelding is sound and dog gentle for anyone.  We’ve roped cows & calves and branded off him.  If you want a good gentle gelding you can depend on, come try out Captain.

6 yr AQHA Grey Gelding $6,000.(44)

This exceptional young gelding is sound and gentle for anyone.  He can rope cows, calves and has been used at brandings.  Started cutting, is willing to do anything ask of him.

7 yr AQHA Brown Gelding $1,700.00 (45)

Brood mare, has had one colt.

12 yr Quarter Horse /Percheron cross Gray Gelding $3,000 (46)

Iron Man is a great horse for any discipline. He has been used for team roping and ranch work and served a season as a dude horse. He lopes circles, does flying lead changes, has a nice neck rein and is gentle enough for anyone to ride.
6 yr AQHA Black Gelding $3,000. ( 47)

Powder is an awesome all around gelding for any level rider. He’s good on the trail and the ranch. He is soft in the face, lopes nice circles, picks up his leads and is super gentle. He is good to shoe, load, clip, bathe, and catch.
6 yr AQHA Sorrel Gelding $4,000. (48)

Playboys Super Jack is the deluxe horse for any rider. He lopes awesome circles, knows his leads, has a nice turn around and a good stop. He has roped the heel-o-matic and carried flags. He is gentle for anyone and has no vices.

6 yr  AQHA  Bay Mare $4,000.(49)

Dot is a super broke, nice little mare. She has heeled steers in the arena and has been used to doctor calves. She also has been started on barrels. Dot is gentle for anyone to ride and is an awesome candidate for rodeo.

 6yr AQHA Chestnut Mare $3,800. (50)

No prancing or whinnying.  She is calm & gentle.  Was been ridden outside a lot – crosses water, logs, walks over tarps, use to dogs.  She was used to wrangle horses, has been to brandings, & is started on barrels & poles.  Her dam Zawdayyougot has track earnings of $31,491.  Zippy is not silly or nervous, she will watch a cow &  could be used for sortings. Would also be a good trail com horse.  Zippy is good to shoe, clip, meet you at the gate type horse.  Gentle & calm & sound.  She does have some old scars.  UTD on shot & has a current coggins test.  I’ve sold several horses here in the past & the new owners have told me their horse has a home for live & that it was the best money they have spent on a horse.