Blue Ribbon Horse Sale List 2015


Blue Ribbon Horse Sale 2015

 2015 Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale

American Paint Horse      Age 11   Mare   Sorrel Overo     $2,500.00 #2

Daughter of Fantastic sire of 206 foals, six world champions, 960 point, Rhinestone Impress 66 pts High pt. Washing Hi pt Mare, 95-96. Ruby and her foal are bred to be Halter Champions. Ruby is 16 hands-flashy-great muscle and bone. Everything you could want in a brood mare. Bred to Wind Song Kid NN
American Paint Horse      Age 14     Mare   Red Dun Overo    $2,500.00  #3
Daughter of Sir Prints Alot, by Silent Print Constance, Many Times Grand or res. Champion. Cammy has been a brood mare, after winning 10 halter pts.
Bred to DJ Hot Rod Lincoln.
American Quarter Horse   Age 10    Mare     Sorrel    $2,500.00 #4
Daughter of Impress King Henry, Miss Bea and foal are bred to be performance champions.  Has been a great brood mare.  Bred to Wind Song Kid, by Kid Tama, 3 time World Champion Pal. stallion

American Quarter Horse    Age 2   Stallion        Palamino        $5,000.00   #5
Gorgeous Palomino Stallion. Two years old and stands 15 hands high. This colt has a great disposition, confirmation and a great head. Bloodlines going back to Jack Straw, Leo King, Driftwood and Docs De Bar. Both parents are palomino so he should throw a lot of color. He should make an excellent stud prospect or a great gelding. He can go any direction you want
to take him.


American Quarter Horse    Age 2   Stallion   Smoky Buckskin    $3.500.00  #6
Beautiful smoky buckskin stallion with a small head and a great conformation and  disposition.  Bloodline go back Jack Straw, Leo King, Jesse James and Hancock. This colt is very athletic and would go in many different  directions. He should *make an excellent gelding.
American Quarter Horse  Age 11   Mare   Sorrel  $4,500.00 #7
Cleo is a cute mare that is good traveler. She has been used on the ranch, is quick footed and cowy. We just have too many to ride and need to move her. Take a look at this one.

American Quarter Horse  Age 7 Gelding  Brown $6,000. #8

Friday is a very well broke gentle horse. He has worked on the ranch at the roping, cow working, and doctoring. He has been ridden by 8 year old with supervision and would be a good horse for almost anyone.

American Quarter Horse      Age 10    Mare   Bay  $4,000.00  # 9
Bay Girl is super bred mare who has the breeding that breeders are looking for.
She is out of an own daughter of Two Eye JACK and is an own daughter of Denim Hickory . NCHA Money Earner*Son of DOC’s Hickory,#5 All Time Leading Sire,siring the earners of over $16,500,000. Out of DOC O’Lena, producing 10 NCHA Money Earners *Full brother to NCHA Futurity finalist.Doc’s Miss N You  and half brother to several other great performers and producers   Sired by Doc Hickory. Producing lots of color.She has been ridden on trails is a very sweet natures mare and would make an excellent Hunter show horse. She sells open. This mare will be an exceptional addition to your breeding program with the bloodlines of the finest horses ever produced.
American Quarter Horse Age 8 Mare Sorrel   $6,000.00   #10
“Cookie is a super bred mare who has the BREEDING, build and looks that breeders are looking for . She is out of a daughter of “Mucho Playboy NCHA money earner. AQHA point earner BY Freckles Playboy and is a daughter of Jacks Out Back (Siepre DE Jack x Two Eyed Jack” She is very “cowy” has been ridden on trails is a very sweet natured mare and would make a excellent show horse, trail horse or a broodmare.. She sells open. The mare will be an exceptional addition to your breeding program with the bloodlines of the finest horses ever produced.
Paint / Quarter Horse  Age 16  Mare Bay/Tobiano  $5,000.00  #11

Chloe is an exceptional mare,she is kind, gentle,easy to handle and is willing to do what you train her to do. Chloe has been used strictly as a “trail horse” but would make a great 4H horse project. Team Penning. Team Sorting with some training. She is a very stout mare with lots of power behind her. She sells open, has never been bred,would be a super addition to your breeding program as she has gorgeous color pattern ( tri color)great muscle definition and a super disposition. She will make an “excellent” horse for the most inexperienced rider, 4H project, trail horse,working cattle pr just about any thing you would want to do. Chloe’s dam was a Black/White Tobiano by sorrel sire. She will throw “color” if you choose to raise foal. She is 18 but has the looks and energy of a much younger horse. Don’t let her age make you “pass” her up.


Paint  Age 5  Mare   Black  $5,000.00    #12

Check out my fancy Jag -Tui is a 2010 registered breeding stock paint mare. She is a gorgeous black mare with 3 beautiful gates. Tui stands at a true 15.3 hands and might barely hit 16 hands with shoes. Very soft in the mouth and has experience in both western and english. Tui was started under saddle in 2014 and has been used for just about everything under the sun. This mare could go to the show pen tomorrow in both western and english. She has show miles in jumping and has also been to a few playdays. She has been on trail rides like Eagle Island, Owyhee’s, and she went camping with over spring break which included trail rides with water, creeks, rocks, hills, brush, and some very difficult terrain. She is a great follower on the trails, but takes a bit more “push” to get her to lead the group. Tui competed in a winter jumper show at 2 foot 3 in March, has taken 2 dressage lessons, and has been schooled 2 foot 6 cross country jumping. She has been to 2 reining clinics this spring and one playday. She can be a little distracted in new places but not spooky or hot. Tui has been used for some vaulting, has been to town and around traffic, dogs, 4-Wheelers, etc. Tui has been used for beginner lessons and has done extremely well with beginner to advanced riders. Tui is ready to find her nitch in life and really could do about anything under the sun. She is a bit on the lazy side and is “lead” mare so she is going to require a home with experience and confidence but with supervision she can be used for any rider from beginners to advanced. Tui is great to load, haul, clip, bath, tie, etc. She is up to date on vaccines, has current coggins, shoes are 3 weeks old, and dental was done in 2014 (dental check in April 2015). She is sound with no lameness issues or history of lameness.

American Quarter Horse  Age 3  Gelding  Grey   $4,000.00  #13

Ushi High Hopes –Patch is a 2012 registered Quarter Horse. Patch only stands at 13.1 hands so is considered a pony. He has GREAT breeding that includes Great Inspiration, Nu Cash, and Ushi Doc. Patch comes to us from a ranch in Mackey Idaho. Patch has a great personality and is already safe for kids on the ground and on his back. There isn’t much that bothers this guy and he is in love with the kids. Patch will be going to the Idaho Horse Expo April 17, 18, 19 to sell at the Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale. Patch is walk, trot, loping, picking up leads, side pass, move front, move hind, and neck reins. He is great in the arena or on the trail. We took him camping over spring break and he has been through creeks, up steep hills, over rocks, bush, and was flawless over all terrain with my 3 year old riding him. Patch has been to a playday and is great around announcers, busy arenas, and standing for hours waiting his turn. Patch has traveled and is great in and out of the trailer. Patch is good to catch, bath, clip, and has some awesome training on the ground work side of things. Patch has been to town and around dogs, 4-wheelers, traffic. Patch is not heard bound and just is awesome with whatever we throw at him. He has carried flags and is good with tarps, and burlap bags with cans. He is also doing great bareback and tack rein (no bridle). Patch has been jumping with my 7 year old daughter (Sianna) and is jumping a good 2′ to 2′ 3″ in the arena and even schooled a few cross country jumps on 4/11. This is a very very nice horse and we would love to find him a kid home. Patch is health and up to date on vaccines, dewormer, dental, current coggins, heath certificate, and shoes are 3 weeks old.

Akhal-teke  Age 4  Gelding  Buckskin  $3,000.00.   #14

Sahara is a well broke horse with a kind disposition.  He has about six months training and has been started on jumps.  He would do very well in english, endurance or just a trail horse.

Grade Paint  Age 7  Gelding Black/White  $6,000.00  #15

Famous Like Picasso – Picasso is a 2008 black and white grade paint gelding. He stands at a true 15.2 hands and is drop dead gorgeous. Picasso came to us as a “retraining” project. He is coming along very nicely but still has a few “That is Scary” moments. Picasso is one of the biggest athletes we have owned in a long time. He has more speed than we have had in a while and might be a PERFECT horse for someone looking to do play days, barrels, poles, queening, etc. However Picasso is not too hot that he can’t go and do ANY thing under the sun for the right rider. Picasso has been hauled to all kinds of indoor arenas, has competed in 3 jumper shows up to 2 foot 3 and has been to 3 reining clinics. Picasso has an awesome spin and is doing great with slide stops and is coming along with lead changes. He has been to 2 dressage lessons and has schooled very successfully cross country jumps up to 2 foot 7. Picasso has carried a flag, been rode bareback and with a tack rein. We took Picasso went camping this spring and he seems very willing to lead the group or follow. He is aware and has his ears forward in the lead. He wants to get a little too close to other horses if he was in the back and if asked to stop and wait while other horses went on he would get a bit nervous. We did creeks, hills, rocks, sage brush and even some pretty tough terrain. Picasso has been to town, around traffic, dogs, 4-wheelers, and other obstacles. Picasso is great to haul, load, clip, bath, tie, etc. He is great in new places and is the same horse at home as he is in new places. Very friendly and wants to be loved. Picasso is responsive and can almost read your mind. Just think lope and he is all over it. Picasso is up to date on vaccines, dewormer, dental in Nov. 2014 (dental check on 4/8/15), shoes are 2 weeks old, current coggins and health. Picasso is owned by Gable Stables and will be going to the Idaho Horse Expo April 17, 18, 19 to be offered for sale. Asking $6,000, but to the right home his price is negotiable. The best home for Picasso would be confident experienced rider who is ready to go to the show pen either western or English. Someone wanting an athlete if this caliber to go and do some amazing things.. Someone who is competitive and wants to be in the ribbons or someone just looking for that ultimate athlete to show off with… He is in shape and ready and willing to be nothing less than AMAZING!

American Quarter Horse  Age 14  gelding Buckskin  $4,000.00  #16

We purchased Quincy at the Twombley Ranch horse sale as a three year old.  Here he tracked roping calves and was used on the ranch.  He is an amazing ally horse.  He can get you in position to open any gate. You can flag off him all day long, or he will stand up in the end of the tight ally, quietly leaning against a cow until it moves forward.  I have used him as my main outside horse for 10 years.  We run cattle on 30,000 acres in the high Uintah Mountains of Utah.  He is know as my “Man from Snowy River” horse.  He never tires and he will go anywhere you point his nose on the ranch.  Rivers, creeks, puddles hills, no problem.  He can catch and turn back a cow in the meadow while sorting.  I carried the American Flag while performing drill maneuvers at a lope on Quincy in six rodeos last summer, he was amazing!  He’s also good in parades.  Quincy was my demo horse at many horse camps.  I have ridden him English, western and bareback.  His lope is so smooth it would make any queen or drill member look good.  With him around it makes it hard for me to finish my colts that are now 5 and 6 and need a job.  For the right person he would be the most amazing horse, not to mention his good looks, amazing smoky buckskin color and eyes that say “pick me”.  I am proud to offer such a special horse at the sale.  He runs out in 200 acre meadow most of the year, I catch and saddle him and away we go with no necessary warm up.  My 8 year old granddaughter has ridden him in arena, but he is a horse that would stay honest with a more experienced rider than her.

American Quarter Horse  Age 15  Mare Chestnut  $2,500.00  #17

San Manz Diamond Lyl is a 15 year old chestnut mare.  Her life before us consisted of being a turn back horse for 3 years at the High School Rodeo cutting events.  Pulling kids of a sled through the hills of Park City Utah and being a real pet.  Since we purchased her seven years ago, I have ridden her every year on roundup, on 30,000 acres in the high Uintah mountains of Utah.  She is nice and quiet in the herd and is patient enough to allow pairs to trail out together.  Yet, she doesn’t like to let a cow get past her.  She has been ridden at 4-H practices.  She is great on her leads, transitions and stops.  Lyl can be ridden in a halter, snaffle, or shank bit.  Se reins one handed, has a nice soft mouth and good headset.  She is super to cross water and be ridden in the mountains.  She is good to load and clip.  She is awesome to ride but can get anxious when left behind by herself tied up. She is the first one in a 200 acre meadow to meet you a the gate, and will load in the trailer without a halter, if it is parked in the field.  She just wants to be in the middle of all the action, pampered and loved by all.

American Quarter Horse  Age 10  Mare(Spayed)  Bay $8,500.00  #18

This exceptional 10 year old AQHA ( Spay) mare is ready to go for a youth or amateur rider wanting to get into the show ring. Show has a beautiful floating movement and is eye-catching in the show ring. She would excel in Ranch Pleasure, Western Riding, Pleasure English/Western or Showmanship, She has two years of reining training, exceptional lead changes and basic reining skills. Her breeding includes Quixote San Badger, Doc Jim Zin. Not only does she have the breeding , but has the talent to be your nest show horse. This mare has exceptional ground manners, easy to bathe, clip, load and shoe.At this time she is with my trainer for a tune-up on rail disciplines. Current on shots, worming,shoes and teeth.

 American Quarter Horse  Age 15 Gelding   Bay $2,500.00  #19

Ransom is 16H Big Shoulder and Big Hip, Powerful, Sound and good Feet. Has worked in Feed Lot, Great Trail Horse, does very well on the job. Cowy, will cross about anything you ask him to, bridges, creeds, logs etc.. Easy to catch, loads and travels very well, stands for farrier, bathes,clips…Dogs,cats, small animals, No Spook. Respectful and has great ground manners

Grade  Age 5 Gelding   Grey  $5,000.00  #20

Very flashy! Beautiful Head and conformation! Dillon is athletic, kind , clips,stands for farrier. He is very friendly & willing. Ridden by Loren Price w/90 days. Easy to learn, would make a great Western or English show horse . No bad habits, we are very proud of him.

Quarter Horse Age 16 Gelding Sorrel $6,500.00  # 21

Lucky is exceptional gelding given he was a stallion until he was 9. He is a very easy going,easy to handle, loves everyone. Lucky has been used as a Team Penning horse , Team Sorting and halter . He will make an “excellent” horse for the most inexperienced rider, 4H project, trial horse,working cattle or just about anything you would want to do.His pedigree includes “world” champions including, Mr.Light Lee, Skip Light Lee,Three Dee Skip and Sunny Dee Bar. He is 18 but looks and has  the energy of youngster. If you have children and /or you are an adult and are looking for a “safe”"sound” horse then “LUCKY” is the horse for you.

 American Quarter Horse Age 7 Mare Bay Roan $5,000. #22

15.1 well built, eye catching mare. Soft sided , soft moth-she is a sensitive type girl. Very cowy and athletic with all the right buttons. This beauty has all the tools it to be a Ferrari – an investment!

American Quarter Horse Age 7 Mare Sorrel  $3,500.00 # 23

Very gentle gelding looking for a buddy, he has a bit of ranching experience ( feedlot, calling, outside riding) He rides quietly with a willing disposition. Trotting a barrel and pole pattern as well.

American Quarter Horse Age 5 Gelding Sorrel $3,500.00 #24

This mare has been used on the ranch, she has experience  outside and the arena.Nice handle lots of go! This girl likes a job and to be busy. She is started on the barrels and roping in the arena.

Thoroughbred   Age 8    Gelding Bay $9,500.  #25

E-Bay has been a real pleasant horse since purchase in Kentucky as a weanling in November 2007. He was broke as a two year old, and went into race training in 2009. He showed lots of talent and won a couple of races. We didn’t think he was competitive enough to run in the California circuit. It was decided to retire him sound. We opted to turn out to grow up and mature for a year. He always showed more talent as a pleasure horse because of h is attitude for the othe disciplines. He has had English, Eh Cappa and pleasure riding . E-Bay has a healthy appetite and is not cheap to feed and he should not be considered a beginners’ horse

American Quarter Horse Age 2 Mare Gray $1,800.     #26

Easy to catch, in your pocket horse. Dillon’s pedigree traces back to many great horses including Sun Frost, Doc’s Oak,Sugar Bars,Easy Jet and Grey Badger. She is a really nice mare that is definitely bred for the ranch or rodeo arena. Has current Coggins test and health Certificate.


American Quarter Horse Age 9 Mare Chestnut $4,500. #27

Attractive and very athletic chestnut mare with a bit of flash by Real Quiet Drifter. She has spent a year in training for Mountain Trail challenges at Bolender Horse Park in Washington . Lots of hours under saddle and bareback in the bridle and track rein.And with her cow bred background, may also be a good broodmare prospect.

American Paint & American Quarter Horse Age 6 Gelding Chestnut $2,500. #28

This lovely 6 years old gelding has numerous months of profession training.He is smart and a good mover.Would make a world class reining horse. Sired by Comedy Star, Reserve World Champion.

American Paint Horse Age 9 Mare Sorrel Overo $3,000.  #29

This mare is the best child proof horse. I’ve had in 30 years of breeding. Ask Issac Hyalt whose 6 children take turns riding her. Show horse quality sired by superior pleasure horse. IBA a Fancy Zippo.

American Paint Horse  Age 6 Gelding Sorrel /Overo  $3,500. #30

Ticket is a six year old APHA gelding. He has six   months profession training  and several years of riding. He is gentle, sound and nice to handle. Sire was superior APHA pleasure horse DSM IBA Fancy Zippo.

AQHA   Age 13  Sorrel Mare    $3,250.                                  #31

KT has been an awesome trail horse and can do just about anything.  Always  willing to try, she crosses obstacles easily:  water, logs, rocks, etc.  Extremely sure footed on narrow trails.  She is a real trooper for weekend camping trips, with no problems being high-lined to be secured overnight.  She is a pleasure to ride with a smooth walk, trot and canter.  She has excellent endurance and would make a nice endurance horse.  She is 15.3 hands, has great feet, never colicked or had a serious major medical issue. Excellent ground manners.  Loves people, gets along well with other horses.  UTD on vaccines, worming and farrier work.  Can be ridden barefoot in the sandy foothills, but prefers shoes for rocky terrain.  We shoe her just for the riding season.  We are looking for the perfect home for her.  She needs a home that has other horses because she is much happier that way.  This horse has been part of our family for 7 years.  We would want her back if the buyer is not satisfied.