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Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale 2017

APRIL21,22,23, 2017

“The solution to the frustrating procedure of buying or selling a horse.”

Consider the idea of buying a car, home or any major appliance, only through an auction. You have little idea of the history of the item and you have only 2 to 3 minutes to make up your mind Certainly, not an ideal situation, but many of us purchase horses in that very manner, only to get the horse home and find it is not suitable for our intended purpose.
Although the logical alternative to finding horses is to buy directly from the owner by going through publications, scheduling appointments (and finding that the horse is not what was represented); this can be time consuming and frustrating. Continue reading

BLM Announces 2016 Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Schedule

BLM Announces 2016 Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Schedule

In accordance with Federal law, which requires excess wild horses and burros in the West to be placed with caring private owners, the Bureau of Land Management today announced its 2016 adoption schedule for these special animals that evoke the history of the American West.  The new adoption schedule can be found at

“I urge people from across the country to attend an adoption event this year and bring home one of these icons of the West,” said BLM Director Neil Kornze.  “Giving a good home to a wild horse or burro has the double benefit of saving taxpayers nearly $50,000 each time an animal gets adopted.” Continue reading

Gem County Fair Board, at Emmett,

Ridge to Rivers Trails

Attention All Equestrians
If you use any of the Ridge to Rivers trails, you are invited and strongly encouraged to attend a new meeting FOCUSED on EQUESTRIANS. Here is your chance to really speak up. Due to the strong response at the previous two meetings, there is now a meeting for just equestrians. Please attend one more meeting to present your concerns and solutions.
Date: Tuesday, February 9
Where: Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center on North 8th Street 
3188 Sunset Peak Rd, Boise, ID 83702
Time: 6:00pm
Please share and spread the word. The time to speak up is now.

National Forest Trail Bill Introduced

National Forest Trail Bill Introduced

On February 10, 2015, Congresswomen Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and Tim Walz (D-MN) re-introduced the National Forest Service Trail Stewardship Act of 2015 (H.R.845). The bill would direct the Forest Service to take several actions to help address the current trail maintenance backlog that is adversely impacting all trail users on many national forests, including equestrians. The bill was first introduced during the last Congress. The American Horse Council, Backcountry Horsemen of America, and the Wilderness Society were significantly involved in the creation of this bill.

A June 2013, study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the Forest Service has deferred trail maintenance needs that exceed half-billion dollars, and only one-quarter of the agency’s 158,000 miles of trails meets agency standards for maintenance. This maintenance backlog is causing access and safety issues for equestrians and all trail users on national forests.

The National Forest Service Trail Stewardship Act would direct the Forest Service to develop a strategy to more effectively utilize volunteers and partners to assist in maintaining national forest trails. It will also provide outfitters and guides the ability to perform trail maintenance activities in lieu of permit fees. Additionally, the bill would address a liability issue that has discouraged some national forests from utilizing volunteers and partner organizations to help perform trail maintenance and would direct the Forest Service to identify and prioritize specific areas with the greatest need for trail maintenance in the national forest system.

In the current fiscal environment it is unlikely Congress will appropriate additional funds to directly address the trail maintenance backlog. This bill will help improve trail maintenance without the need for additional funding.

The bill is supported by the AHC and many other recreation organizations.

A brand inspection is required when:

A brand inspection is required when:

  • Ownership changes in any manner
  • Leaving the State of Idaho
  • Going to slaughter

Generally, it is the responsibility of the “Seller” or “current owner” to obtain the brand inspection and pay the appropriate inspection fees.

Always ask for a brand inspection when buying livestock! If the seller issues you a “bill of sale” instead, make sure the bill of sale is valid, and you call for a brand inspection within 10 days from the date of sale. In this case, the buyer will also be responsible for getting a brand inspection within 10 days and paying the brand inspection fees.

If you accept a bill of sale in lieu of a brand inspection certificate, and the animal is carrying a brand not recorded to the person who issued the bill of sale, then you could very well have to clear that brand before a brand inspection could be done.

Not obtaining a brand inspection when required by the Idaho brand laws is considered an infraction for the first offense and a misdemeanor for the second offense, punishable by a fine not to exceed $300 and or six months in jail.