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  1. Horses and Motocross Don’t Mix

    President Bessie Fletcher of the Idaho Horse Council recently gave an eloquent speech in front of the Eagle City Council regarding the dangers of horseback riding and motorized vehicles attempting to occupy the same recreational area at the same time. As a candidate for the Eagle City Council, I Captain Marc Deglinnocenti must agree with her. There’s a new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Eagle recreational area opening soon. Some people are proposing that motorcycles and ATVs should be allowed to occupy the same area with horseback riders, people, and their dogs. This is a mistake.
    As an expert motorcycle trail rider and as an intermediate horseback rider, it is my experience that having loud motocross vehicles speeding by horses, dogs, and people is a recipe for disaster even on separately designated trails. Horses have an instinctual fear of loud roaring noises. If I road my Husqvarna 250 cc trail bike by a horse and rider, it would be very likely that the horse would spook and buck its rider in an attempt to get away. I would never want an injured or killed rider and horse on my conscience. I always trailered my motorcycle to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and road on old abandoned and deserted logging roads. I could never bring myself to be riding anywhere near horses. Trail bikes have louder than normal exhaust systems than street bikes do. My 250 cc trail bike roaring past a horse would sound like a hundred mountain lions attacking all at once. I don’t need a million dollar BLM report to know that; it’s common sense.
    It’s commonly known that Eagle is primarily an equestrian sport and recreational city. As your representative on the city council, I would always remember that and not try to change it in any way. Horses and their riders, people walking their dogs like I walk mine, and hikers do not mix well with motocross riders. As for my potential motocross constituents, take my advice when I tell you that you don’t want to wind up in court for the next five plus years of your life after you inadvertently spook a horse and cause damage. Never ride motocross anywhere near horses even if someone tells you it’s okay to do so. Horses and motocross don’t mix.
    Capt. Marc Deglinnocenti
    U.S. Merchant Marine, ret.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! We at the Idaho Horse Council always try to work with all user groups, however, in this case, we believe that the area is too small to include all of the aspects the City of Eagle was trying to include. That, combined with the input from landowners who have property adjacent to the BLM land, who don't want the noise of motorized vehicles and shooting, the fire danger, the danger to threatened plant species, as well as the safety hazard to the vast amount of new housing going in around the property, lead us to recommend non-motorized use only and no shooting. The City of Eagle felt the plan was fine as presented, and passed it on to BLM. We will keep an eye on it and once again give our recommendations to BLM, when they open it up for public comment.

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