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Summer Has Passed

The summer has passed and we all survived. Saving and building racing remains a priority for us, our state and its citizens. We stepped aside and did not communicate with you during the racing season to allow the programs going on to have everyone’s full attention. We are thankful for the racing at Pocatello, Burley and Malad. The Utah racing also helped with good racing and engaged horsemen.

While we were not writing you we were working on programs for the future and looking for ways to bring racing to our entire state. The population of our state is approaching two million people and a critical mass that can support our industry as never before. People want racing and express it everywhere we go. The horse industry is experiencing huge growth in our state and quality is a huge driving factor.

We will be more focused on a global program in the coming year. Hopefully everyone will be on a program to build great racing across the entire state not just in their back yard. The huge potential for the industry is exciting and there are huge opportunities for everyone working to gather and building the industry.

The Bitterroot auction needs attention which we can help with as we visit auctions and Stallion farms. We need to think of growing that program to a half million dollars in the near future and having a large derby with the futurity. The new Oaks programs would fit right in with these programs.

It is weaning time and many of us are putting our yearlings in training for next year. It is bitter sweet to see these nice yearlings leave the place and the wieners coming in to take their place. All this keeps us young as we want to see what that new crop brings in talent and promise.

I personally missed going to Elko this year and seeing everyone there at the fair and races. “Next Year” is a phrase most of us use as we look forward to the future. We have the largest colt crop coming next spring and will have five babies early in January and four more shortly thereafter. Like everyone our breeding gets better every year and we can hardly wait to see what we have.

I am ready to go back to Gooding for pizza and great planning. There are several items that we need to get updated on and many things of importance to discuss. Barrel racing is an inseparable part of the racing industry as is team roping. Be thinking how we can fold all this together for the benefit of everyone.


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