The following was mailed and emailed to the Ada Country Commissioners

Ada County Commissioners
Kendra Kenyon- Chair of the Board, Patrick Malloy, and Diana Lachiondo
200 W Front Street, 3rd Floor
Boise, ID 83702

RE: Ada Country Trails and Open Spaces open advisory board position

Dear Kendra Kenyon- Chair of the Board, Patrick Malloy, and Diana Lachiondo

The Idaho Horse Council is a representative of the horse industry in the state of Idaho. As a representing council, we are involved in state legislation and local government legislation as it pertains to our horse community.

We are aware there is an opening on the Ada County Trails and Open Spaces Advisory Board and feel strongly the board should have an equestrian representative from the Ada County horse community. Without this representation, it becomes more difficult to keep trails in Ada County open to the equestrians who live there and who frequently use those trails.

The Idaho Horse Council completes the Idaho Horse Census every five years so the economic impact of the horse community is published for use in legislative actions of our local and state governments. Horse owners are property owners who pay taxes and purchase agricultural goods. This helps to support our communities and equestrians should have a voice in our recreational pursuits. In our last Idaho Horse Census, Equine owners in Idaho had a total of 1.4 billion in assets relating to their equine.

As our communities in Ada County continue to grow, representation from all groups who use these trails and open spaces have the right to be represented. I hope the Ada County Commissioners see the need to have an equestrian representative on this Board.

If you need more information concerning the Idaho Horse Council and its Board of Directors, please feel free to contact me at the following email or phone number: or 208-465-5477 or 208-941-3032. You can also visit our website at

With warm regards,

Dixie Christensen
Idaho Horse Council President


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