Idaho Horse Expo Main Arena 2015

Boot Barn Main Arena
 FRIDAY 10-9
10: – 10:45 Lillan Roquet  Arabian – Developing relaxation in sensitive horses
10: -11:30 Lorin Price  Blazer – Getting more with less, journey to being bridleless
11: -12:15 Shannon Allison  Paint- Controlling the back up
12:15-1:15 Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale
“Watch a horse, Ride Horse, Buy Horse, Drive Horse Home”
1:15-2:00 Alice Trindle Mule – Cavelletti & Ground Poles – Good for Mules & Horses
2:00-3:00 Ruben Villasensor Western Dressage – How to fit and function of the Bosal (hackamore) Continue reading

Pre Sold Tickets and Where to Buy

Where to Buy Discounted Expo Tickets
Ticket Prices Expo 2015
Times Friday 10-9 Sat 9-9 Sunday 9-6
Adult $10.00
Senior 65 & over $8.00
Youth 12 & under get in free
(Boot Barn and Appaloosa Horse Club)
Presold Adult $8.00 senior $6.00
RV & Horse Stalls 1-208-442-3335
Horse Stalls $20.00
Presold Tickets sold at
Beans Saddle Shop
Hap Tallman’s
Idaho’s Cowboy Supply
Idaho Horse Council Office
Saddle Up

Round Pen Schedule 2015

D & B Round Pen 2015

TIME 10-9 (11) FRIDAY

10:30-11:15 Alice Trindle Mule – Liberty with longears- No strings Attached

11:15-12:00 Lawrance Valdez Paso Fino – Training the Paso Fino from the Ground

12:00-1:45 Matt Zimmerman  Mustang – Leading exercise

1:45-2:30 Lorin Price Blazer – “Transferring aids from ground to saddle”.

2:30-3:15 Jennifer Gregston Gypsy Sporthorse- Gaining trust and confidence,

3:15-4:00 Shannon Allison Paint Horse- Desensiting

4:00-4:45 Lillan Roquet Arabian – Developing relaxation in sensitive horses Continue reading


Jumping Clinic  application

    All day jumping clinic April 18,2015 Ford Idaho Horse Park, Idaho Center , Nampa. Idaho    Classes Beginers to Advanced Riders , Open to all Breeds from Instructions from the Treasure Valley.

$75.00 all day per person includes (1) entry in the Horse Expo

Questions please contact Randi McCallum 208-870-0519

Sponsored by Mountain View Training Stables ( Rick & Jackie Holloway) McCallum Quarter Horse, Gina Lujack, Realtor  and Claudia Halden, President ,Idaho Quarter Horse assoc.



Kids + Equines + Camping = Fun!

Horse Project members from 4-H will be experiencing the
2015 Idaho Horse Expo as campers.For the third time in the
Expo’s history, they will be hosting a “Kids Camp” again
this year, which will offer young horsemen the opportunity to
learn the skills necessary to camp with their equine partners.
Participants will be educated about the proper methods of
caring for horses away from home, tying techniques, equipment
necessary, and watering, as well as what tack and supplies
are needed for a safe and enjoyable time at camp.
The youths range in age from 9-16 years, and are active
4-H members. The focus will be on riding during the camp, but
the highlight will be attending the presentations by regional
clinicians.4-H leaders will share their time and talents to ensure a great
learning opportunity for the campers, and keep things safe Continue reading



                                                                         APRIL 17, 18,19 2015

                                                           WHERE YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DEAL

                                  “The solution to the frustrating procedure of buying or selling a horse.”
    Consider the idea of buying a car, home or any major appliance, only through an auction.  You have little idea of the history of the item and you have only 2 to 3 minutes to make up your mind  Certainly, not an ideal situation, but many of us purchase horses in that very manner, only to get the horse home and find it is not suitable for our intended purpose.
    Although the logical alternative to finding horses is to buy directly from the owner by going through publications, scheduling appointments (and finding that the horse is not what was represented); this can be time consuming and frustrating.  If only there was an “equine department store” or a “car lot for horses” where you could go and try out prospects and talk to the owners!  The Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale offers this sensible solution to both sellers and purchasers alike. Continue reading

Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale

Need a horse?

Come and see over 60 head of horses, all ages, breeds, prices and training levels. At the Idaho Horse Expo’s, Private Treaty Horse Sale at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, April 17, 18 & 19.

Sell your horse at The Idaho Horse Expo’s, Private Treaty Horse Sale at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, April 17, 18 & 19.  Call 465-5477