10 Rules to Live by in Evacuations with Horses from Wildfires or Natural Disasters …



Good information. We hope you never are in this situation but if you are there are some good pointers.
10 Rules to Live by in Evacuations with Horses from Wildfires or Natural Disasters … Please LIKE & SHARE!1. TEACH YOUR HORSE TO LOAD (and tie)! And I mean immediately step into a trailer.2. Take at least one bale of hay and a BUCKET, you never know where your horse is going to end up. Continue reading

Idaho Horse Expo’s Private Horse Sale 2016


APRIL  15,16 &17,2016


“The solution to the frustrating procedure of buying or selling a horse.”

Consider the idea of buying a car, home or any major appliance, only through an auction. You have little idea of the history of the item and you have only 2 to 3 minutes to make up your mind Certainly, not an ideal situation, but many of us purchase horses in that very manner, only to get the horse home and find it is not suitable for our intended purpose.

Although the logical alternative to finding horses is to buy directly from the owner by going through publications, scheduling appointments (and finding that the horse is not what was represented); this can be time consuming and frustrating. If only there was an “equine department store” or a “car lot for horses” where you could go and try out prospects and talk to the owners! The Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale offers this sensible solution to both sellers and purchasers alike. Continue reading

Idaho Horse Expo 2015

The Idaho Horse Expo is still accepting Vendors for our show in April..

If you would like a application  2015 contract
Or  give us a call and we can email or hard copy to you.

Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale
Sell a Horse, Ride a Horse, Buy a Horse Blue Ribbon Horse Sale 2015


$1,000.00 BREED CHALLENGE is back again this year.
Win some money have a lot of fun! Its a win win!!!
If you are waiting things are starting to fill up don’t wait until the last minute confirm your spot today!
Get in touch with Myron Amsden 571-1878
Here are the breeds that have confirmed so far.
Peruvian Paso

Remember this can be a 2 day event. Depending on if you are chosen Friday for the finals on Sunday.
Entry fee is 50.00

Miss Rodeo Idaho Dusti Olson will be instructing a
Queen Clinic
Please contact the IHC office 465-5477

Jump Clinic is being offered this year at the Expo!
All Day 10am-4pm
Outdoor arena.
Please contact Randi McCallum 870-0519


Sunday morning checkin 9am-10am
Walk the course at 10am sharp
There is a limited space of 30 entries and the fee’s are as follows.
Amateur/Open 18 and over $50.00
Youth 12-17 $30.00


$901,920 Total Taxes Paid
$223,401 to Idaho Schools
$372,728 to the Idaho State Racing Commission
$121,710 to the Idaho Horse Breeders Association
$119,455 to Small Rural Horse Tracks
$38,791 to the Idaho Horse Council Youth Programs
$21,323 to the Equine Fund
Idaho Counties received $4,512
2014 Purses increased $899,778, an increase of 63% over 2013
Race days increased to 32 in 2015
$ 2,127,876 Total Payroll
271 Jobs provided
$ 180,330 Total Payroll Taxes


Horse owners are familiar with a Coggins test—that piece of paper required for entry into most horse shows and sales and/or for interstate horse transport. But many overlook the fact that this piece of paper, which serves as proof that the horses has tested negative for equine infectious anemia (EIA), is essential to protecting the health of the national equine population. A number of recent EIA positives in racing Quarter Horse populations in California and Texas has increased the need for awareness about this potentially fatal blood borne disease of horses, donkeys, and mules. Continue reading

Historical Racing – Pari-Mutuel Wagering HISTORICAL RACING – WHAT IT IS AND IS NOT


Historical Racing – Pari-Mutuel Wagering HISTORICAL RACING – WHAT IT IS AND IS NOT


Historical racing is a new version of pari-mutuel wagering using new technology. It uses horse races conducted in the past that are replayed on pari-mutuel wagering terminals only at a facility that is authorized to show simulcast horse races. The only substantive difference between Historical Racing and traditional pari- mutuel wagering is that a patron is wagering on a previously run horse race. Patrons are provided handicapping information but do not know the identity of the horse, jockey, trainer, owner, or the race track where the race was run.


Pari-mutuel wagering is a form of gaming where players wager one against another rather than against the house, as they do in casinos. Pari-mutuel wagers placed on horse races become part of a pool consisting of all wagers from all bettors. Winners win the pool – whatever the amount – less a deduction for state tax and the racetrack. The winnings are paid only from money contributed by other wagerers.  The racetrack has no interest in the outcome. The opposite is true in a casino where the house wins only when bettors lose. This is what makes Historical Racing pari-mutuel.


Pari-mutuel wagering is regulated and allowed in Idaho. It began in 1965, and Les Bois Park has offered pari- mutuel wagering on horse races at the current location since 1970.



The live horse racing industry relies on purses generated through pari-mutuel racing.  The live racing industry in Idaho and the nation has experienced a serious decline in pari-mutuel wagering over the past decade due to technology advances and other market factors.  Idaho is at risk of losing its horse racing industry.


In the 1980’s, the Idaho legislature foresaw the revenue problem and addressed it through the enabling of simulcast wagering. Unfortunately, 30+ years later, simulcast wagering is now accessible via the internet, leading to reduced sales revenue to live horse racing locations. Without additional sources of revenue, Idaho’s horse racing industry is not sustainable.



In the 2013 session a bill passed and was signed into law by the Governor that authorized wagering on Historical Horse Racing. The bill passed the Idaho House 58 – 12 and passed the Idaho Senate 27 to 8 during the 2013 legislative session. The update in state regulations was supported by the Idaho Racing Commission, the Idaho Thoroughbred Association, the Idaho Quarter Horse Association, Idaho Horsemen Benevolence and Protective Association, and literally dozens of industry professionals such as veterinarians, retail suppliers and small business owners.



Other states like Kentucky and Arkansas have addressed the decline in pari-mutuel wagering in their state through the authorization of Historical Racing with proven results. Historical Racing has saved their horse racing industries. In 2013, the Oregon and Wyoming legislatures authorized the use of the Historical Racing pari-mutuel product to address their need for new revenue streams through pari-mutuel wagering.


Kentucky Downs and Oaklawn Park offer wagering on Historical Racing and are two examples of the positive impacts to live race meets attributable to historical pari-mutuel racing. Purses to horse owners have increased significantly at both tracks since Historical Racing was introduced.



Increased purse payments for owners and breeders

Self-reliant, self-generating, self-sustaining gains for Idaho horses, horse people and horse businesses



200 self-service terminals at the Turf Club at Les Bois Park.

Operational in 2014

Turf Club capacity 499 persons.



Treasure Valley Racing at Les Bois Park is all-Idaho owned and operated. The new ownership entered into a lease agreement with Ada County to operate live and simulcast wagering at Les Bois Park in 2011. Live horse racing has been run at Les Bois Park for over 40 years. It is the sincere desire of this dedicated and reputable group to preserve this longstanding tradition for future generations.



Treasure Valley Racing runs a live meet each year from May to August in Garden City at Expo Idaho.  Nearly 110,000 enthusiastic race fans attended the live horse racing meet in 2013. Many of those 110,000 visitors to Les Bois Park also enjoy the many fine offerings that Garden City and the Treasure Valley have to offer in terms or eating, drinking, lodging and entertainment facilities.



Treasure Valley Racing understands, accepts and embraces its position as a responsible gaming business and a proactive member of the local community. Treasure Valley Racing employs a full-time security force to support both the live and simulcast wagering activities.


Treasure Valley Racing is committed to a safe and secure environment for its customers and will make a significant investment to increase the level of protection by installing the latest in video surveillance and camera systems to its existing security department.



Treasure Valley Racing has implemented an industry proven responsible gaming program and has actively partnered with a national agency dedicated to responsible gaming. Responsible gaming signs, documentation and literature will be available and prominently displayed in all key areas.





Historical Horse Racing is in serious jeopardy

After being authorized only two years ago, Historical Horse Racing is in serious jeopardy with a repeal bill introduced by the Coeur d’alene Indian Tribe. Legislation repealing Historical Horse Racing Machines (Like the one’s located at Les’ Bois Park in Boise & Double Down Sports Bar and Grill in Idaho Falls) is gaining support in the Idaho Legislature, but we cannot afford to lose this new revenue source!! Below is the Idaho Tax Revenue for Boise’s location only and does not even include the new Idaho Falls facility. 2014 Idaho Tax Revenue For Les’Bois Park: $901,920 Total Taxes Paid $223, 401 to Idaho Schools $372,728 to the Idaho State Racing Commission $121,710 to the Idaho Horse Breeders Association $119,455 to Smal Rural Horse Tracks $38, 791 to the Idaho Horse council Youth Programs $21,323 to the Equine Fund Idaho Counties received $4,512 2014 Job Impact from Treasure Valley Racing $2,127,876 Total Payroll 271 Job Provided $180,330 Total Payroll Taxes In the short 52 days Double Down has been in operation they have generated Revenue of almost $30,000 payable to the State! Imagine the impact after six years, or six decades. We may never see the true impact! This affects everyone…. Idaho schools & teachers, equine industry, agricultural industry and the whole Idaho State economy through jobs and taxes. Despite the accusations by some…this technology is the same technology that was passed 2 years ago. 40 of the “EXACT” same terminals that were seen in the original hearing and tested by the Idaho Attorney General are currently located in Double Down, the other terminals are simply updated versions. The equivalent of the iphone 5 vs the iphone 6! Please sign this petition and ask your State Senator & The House State of Affairs committee to stop this ridiculous repeal in it’s tracks. If this repeal passes, the senators are killing jobs, hurting families, killing an industry, gutting kids programs and a whole lot more. Idaho wins with Historical Racing!