Welcome to the 2014 Idaho Horse Expo

Take the Challenge theme for the 28th annual Idaho
Horse Expo, presented by the Idaho Horse Council, invites one
and all to come out and enjoy Mark Bolender’s Extreme Trail
Clinics, all three days of the Expo.Bring your horse to participate,
or come to watch, just don’t miss it or any of the entertaining and
educational events slated for this year’s Expo. Continue reading

Kids + Equines + Camping = Fun!

Horse Project members from
4-H will be experiencing the 2013 Idaho Horse Expo as campers.
The 2014 Expo will be hosting a “Kids Camp” for a third
year, which will offer young horsemen the opportunity to
learn the skills necessary to camp with their equine partners. Participants will be educated about the proper methods of caring for
horses away from home, tying techniques, equipment necessary,
and watering, as well as what tack and supplies are needed for a safe
and enjoyable time at camp. Continue reading