The Equine Industry has lost a legend, you will be missed David Stoecklein
1949 – 2014. Legendary photographer David R. Stoecklein left his mark on our world in more ways than one. The son of Bernard and Dorothy and brother of Buzzy, Julie, Walter and Debbie Stoecklein, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1949. During his early 20s he headed west to pursue his passion for photography. David met Mary Jagger in 1976 and after moving to Sun Valley, Idaho, they married and were blessed with three boys – Drew, Taylor and Colby. Continue reading

Second Call for Nominations for Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

Second Call for Nominations for Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

The Bureau of Land Management today announced a second call for public nominations over a 30-day period to fill three positions on its national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.  To be considered for appointment, nominations must be submitted via email or fax by December 18, 2014, or postmarked by the same date.  Continue reading

National Economic Impact of the U.S. Horse Industry

Idaho Horse Expo 2015, April 17,18,19

This Years Clinician is Ruben Villasenor ,

Horsemen’s Western Dressage ,About Horsemen’s Western Dressage

Horsemen’s Western Dressage’s experience has been developed and honed through the years within the Villasenor family. The Villasenor family has a long history of outstanding horsemanship, experience and traditions have been passed down through the generations. As a young boy in Mexico it was Ruben Villasenor, owner of Horsemen’s Western Dressage, responsibility to tame wild horses that were rounded up in the mountains of Jalisco. As a child he knew little about the processes involved but dedicated himself to earning the trust and respect of those wild horses. Now, as the owner of Horsemen’s Western Dressage, he works with all breeds of horses and train for all disciplines. HWD believes that the more we teach our horses the more capable and dedicated they will be to our relationship with them.

Training Techniques

Horsemen’s Western Dressage utilizes a unique the methods with a Bosal. HWD offers their clients and the public a new and fresh approach to the correct use and fit of this very effwctive but often misunderstood tool.

HWD’s training techniques are good for the horse and easy for the horseperson to understand and implement. We believe that if you are not having a good time while working with your horse then it is time to learn how to, after all, most of us at the end of the day want to spend time enjoying our horses not struggling with them.